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jameson's new EP "mid20s" is a more experimental project that explores different genres outside of indie folk. it includes evil landlords, pill pushing doctors, zodiac references and so much more...


jameson may started writing music at a very young age. his first composition, “i just got bit by a spider” was a smash hit in the may/siren household. in high school he studied acting and voice and continued to write music as a kind of therapy for himself. after high school, he went on to attend pace university, where he graduated with a b.f.a in musical theater performance in 2020. while at pace, jameson released his first ep “better plan” with his friend and collaborator alex knezevic.


over the pandemic, he released a collection of songs he recorded live in his parent’s apartment building in baltimore aptly titled, “the stairwell demos.” that same year, he also released his single, “apartment party,” which he wrote based on his personal observations of college parties he attended his senior year.


in 2021, jameson moved to jersey city and began studying musical theater composition at nyu’s grad program. during this time, he also started recording and producing his music himself. over that summer, jameson released a trio of singles that he believes represent some of his best work.


in 2022, jameson graduated from nyu with an m.f.a and also released another album of demos called “two nights,” which some of his friends call his ‘quarter-life crisis’ record.

after a year of constant sound and excitement, he decided to slow it down and recorded a live ep at homefront studios in new jersey. "unwound" is a collection of quiet intimate songs that reflect on the very complicated feelings that come with an on/off romantic relationship. 


described as “really fun… if you like crying yourself to sleep at night,” jameson’s delicate bedroom folk lives in that special space between wistful hope and sweet sadness. his intimate melodies and confessional lyricism sound best late at night or in the wee hours of the morn.

he hopes his music can bring you at least a little bit of the peace and fulfillment it has brought him.

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